4 hour logo

4 hour logo


You need a logo yesterday. As soon as you purchase you'll schedule an available time-slot and have one in 4 hours real time. 

Hour 1 - Brainstorming + Screensharing

We'll chat as we screenshare my workspace as I make sketches of your potential logo. What do you like, what do you DISlike? What do you want your logo to say? Colors you like? Fonts? What's a font? What's a logo? What's anything? 

At the end of the hour we'll come away with base of sketches and ideas for your logo 

Hour 2 - Variations and Refining

I'll take what we started and work it into 2-4 variations.

Hour 3 + 4 - Edits and Revisions

We'll chat one last time, receiving edits on the logo we've created, then I'll make those revisions and you'll get your brand new logo. 


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