Evolution Concept Show

Evolution Concept Show

Template: Montauk

The build for Evolution was 3 fold :

  1. Creating branding, stock photo selection and graphics for site and promotional materials

  2. Build a backend using Ruby on Rails for brands to login and upload their own content and image for an upcoming showcase.

  3. Build a shop page and 3 easy to use templates for stores to purchase through the site and be managed by evolution in their Digital Services section. We fully designed each page as well as constructing a work flow to seamlessly obtain what we needed content-wise from the client using jotform.

3 templates
Foundation, Premium, Ecommerce 


Fully customized site

Branding Elements and colors


Custom pricing table

Folder navigation

Customized product block

Password login and User Image uploading capability


Ruby on Rails


Jot Form

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Set Creative

Set Creative

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