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You don’t need a personal assistant, you need a Personal BOSS.

If you are working for yourself, you may have the drive to work but not the tools to maintain the structure you need to get the job done. 

You can always get someone to help you stuff envelopes or build your website - the tough stuff about organizing independent work is efficiently managing time and seeing tasks through to completion.  The goals that you want to achieve can be über utilitarian-- starting a business, being efficient in your work, or more abstract-- i.e finding out what you're interested in, spending more time in your studio, becoming more socially involved. 

The benefit that you get from a more traditional working environment is a hierarchy that helps manage and structure workflow and task completion--with the boss at the top to advise you, direct you, and hold you accountable for your work

Personal Boss is someone to answer to.

PERSONAL BOSS is based on the idea that a boss is an essential element of maximizing productivity. A boss can be applied to any field, particularly those fields that don’t usually have bosses.  If you are freelance, working as an artist, performer or student, starting a business, or simply have self-directed side projects, you will probably benefit from a Boss. We begin by helping you identify your goals, making clear paths to those goals, and then maintaining an infrastructure to hold you accountable. 

Personal Boss shows you the structure to make your imperatives clear and critical so you can get your job done.

Personal Boss works as an advisor and consultant and decision maker as well as giving critiques on projects (writing, art, business plans, design etc) and is an authority that holds you accountable to deadlines and quality standards.