1 Hour Consulting Session

1 Hour Consulting Session


We'll brainstorm about your ideas and goals and set out a plan. 

After our session you'll get a summary of what we talked about and your list of goals.

Potential uses of our time: 

  • Work out the main ideas of you business or creative goals - and determine your next moves. 
  • People Looking to figure out next steps in terms of job and school. What steps to take to involve yourself more in your field 
  • Someone wanting to work out a schedule to do a side project or have a studio or creative practice, while still employed at a day job. 

Additionally we can : 

  • Schedule Tutorial sessions to learn basics of design or website construction
  • Determine what you need in terms of; business cards, social media accounts, website and graphic design 
  • Hire photographers or other outside contractors to get you what you need. 


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